Defining an improvement program to align business with AWS enablers

the challenge

Our client, a leading global e-commerce retailer and AWS customer, sought to maximise their investment in AWS solutions and benchmark against industry standards and best practice. Pactera was selected to conduct a systematic review of the client’s AWS environment and produce a diagnostic report detailing security, performance, operations, cost, and reliability recommendations.

our solution

Applying the AWS Well-Architected (AWA) and Well-Operated (AWO) Frameworks, Pactera conducted a comprehensive review of the client’s AWS and devised a multi-phased improvement program that aligned business enablers with AWS enablers:

  • Amazon Aurora, a fast, secure, distributed and fault-tolerant storage system.
  • Amazon Personalize, a real-time personalisation and recommendation engine.
  • Amazon Sage Maker, a ML platform to create, train and deploy models in the cloud.
the benefits
  • An 80% average reduction was achieved in response times of critical functions including product filtering, keyword search and page loads.
  • A 5% reduction in overall AWS spend due to an optimised configuration and the deployment of tactical fixes
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