Quality assuring legacy systems without the need for human intervention

the challenge

Our client, a global logistics network that provides diverse freight transport services, was encumbered by tedious and time-consuming testing of legacy systems.

our solution

Pactera conducted pre analysis and discovery session on our client’s relocation management applications and found multiple opportunities of test automation, including:

  • Testing applications (CMS, PDF, Documents), websites database etc
  • Websites and applications are used to create, process, and manage orders for accommodation, travel and transportation of good
  • Applications involved has user profile, case management, order management, invoicing, quotation and many more functionality

Automated Process:

  • Automate some of the key processes within the web applications
  • Since all web application are business critical, end to end testing is done with one-time insertion on test scenarios
  • Testing results are automated with all the exception, error and logs for each test run
the benefits
  • It improved the efficiency, minimise error and human intervention.  
  • Automation removed dependency from business users with the recorded test cases and defined process flow
  • 80% time saved on each test cycle
  • Production go live timeline expedite
  • Automatically generate report for each test run
  • Data mapping made possible using test data for each run
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