Transforming employee onboarding with intelligence enabled bots

the challenge

As an IT consultancy firm offering talent solutions across a broad range of industry sectors, Pactera Technologies Australia has a high demand for acquiring and onboarding talent. This demand necessitates efficiency in the onboarding process and an enhanced new employee experience as they navigated their journey from their initial role application to first day on the job

our solution

Partnering with UiPath, deployed five (5) bots into production along with inhouse production support to automate 80 % of the new employee onboarding activities, including:

  • Reference and security checks
  • Draft and release letter of offer
  • IT systems enablement
  • Asset allocation and set up
  • HR & Payroll documentation
the benefits
  • Drastically reduced pre-onboarding processing time to 6min per candidate
  • Liberated Business Partners to engage with more strategic tasks to the company
  • Provided visibility of onboarding progress across the organization

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